Safe Opening

Whether it’s for your home or your business, choosing the right safe can be tricky, and it’s hard to know exactly what you need. At Fortress Security our team are fully qualified to assist you with deciding which safe is best for your requirements.

Safes are firstly categorised by the grade and the cash rating which refers to the amount insurers will cover for the contents stored in a particular model of a safe overnight. Once you have thought about what items are being stored in your safe and the value they hold, you can then look at the sizing on the safe. Commercial safes tend to be larger due the contents they hold and the value of the contents, however if you are not a cash business and only require an office safe a smaller, more discreet wall safe may be a more suitable solution. For more information on this see our guide to Choosing the Right Safe.

Next you will need to think about the right locking mechanism to suit your needs. In some cases a lock and key system is enough, while others prefer an electronic lock. However for high security safes you may want to think about biometric access. If you are unsure what type of lock is most suitable for the use of the safe our team can talk you through the levels of precaution you may need.

Deciding on the safe location within your property is also essential to protect the safe’s contents and your other belongings. Having a safe out on display can encourage opportunist to attempt entry, which is why home safes tend to be installed inside a built-in wardrobe or under a bed. The size of your safe and the space you have available are obvious factors when deciding where to install your safe – our safe specialists can provide a Free Survey to assess where is best for your safe installation.

Our HM Government approved safe engineers are able to deliver and install any safe from our showroom in Woking. Depending on the location of the property and the access to it, we can safely deliver and install your safe using the latest tools and equipment to ensure it is compliant with your insurance specifications.

Safe Movers

In addition to being able to fit safes our team contains trained safe movers too, which means when you move property – whether commercial or residential – we can assist in moving your safe and installing it in a new location within your new or existing property. Contact us today for a Free quote.

European Safe Cash Rating

Grade 0: £6000
Grade 1: £10,000
Grade 2: £17,500
Grade 3: £35,000
Grade 4: £60,000
Grade 5: £100,000
Grade 6: £150,000
Grade 7: £250,000
Grade 8: £400,000
Grade 9: £650,000
Grade 10: £1,000,000
Grade 11: £1,500,000
Grade 12: £2,250,000
Grade 13: £3,500,000