UPVC Locks

uPVC locks, also known as multi point locks because they usually have multiple locking points along the door, come in many different brands, variations and sizes. The popularity of uPVC doors has grown amongst property owners during recent years, due to the benefits they hold, such as the added security that comes from their galvanised steel cores (as opposed to a traditional wooden frame) which make it difficult for intruders to force their way in. In addition to this, they are also cost effective as they have better insulating properties, and are better at reducing outside noise.

uPVC is a durable material, and as such the locks require little maintenance. It is also possible to replace just the centre case, which can save you money if they do require repairs. We include maintenance and replacement on uPVC locks as part of our locksmith services, so if you do need a hand with anything our experts will be happy to help.

Our locksmiths are also able to offer a keying alike facility, which provides a master suite for commercial outfits or large domestic premises, and a registered section key for control over the number of key holders and access to certain areas.