Gate Maintenance

A vital part of gate ownership for health and safety is ensuring that you keep your entrance gates fully maintained and functional, whether they are home security gates, or a business entrance. Electric gates maintenance is highly important, and the type of gate your property has, whether manual or automated, will determine the level of maintenance required, and how frequently. For this reason Fortress Security will work closely with you to calculate the frequency in which your maintenance checks are carried out to comply with legislation, health & safety, and ensure your gate lasts longer.

Our gate system audit enables you to get the level of care required without having to pay for anything that isn’t necessary for your gate solution.

For all enquires around gate maintenance whether it is for commercial or residential gates contact a member of our help team on 01483764559.

Safety Assessment

Due to government legislation (European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) & BS EN ISO 13857:2008) it is required as part of any maintenance checks our engineers will need to carry out an extensive safety review to ensure your gate system complies with health and safety. As part of this we will highlight any areas of concern to prevent risk to you or the public (particularly to pedestrians).

Gate Repairs

At Fortress Security we are able to provide extensive service from gate design to installations and repairs. With our gate installers having access to build full functional gate systems from the ground up. Our gate repairs team also has access to an array of parts to suit many types of gate solutions from automated and electric gates to manually opened gates. This reduces your wait for parts and rectifies any issues with your security system in no time at all.