Automatic Door Closers

Our range of automatic door closers are vital for fire safety, access control and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. We can install standalone door closers to pre-existing doors so there’s no need to change what’s already there.

Automatic door closers work by keeping doors closed until they’re activated by a sensor. Usually there’s an “manual override” button which can be used as well.

Automatic door closers are fast becoming a necessity in high traffic buildings. This has been partly due to the Covid 19 pandemic and businesses mitigating the risks of spreading the virus. Also, automatic doors can be particularly useful in ensuring doors are closed and not left open.

There’s many other benefits to installing automatic door closers such as:

  • Fire safety
  • Access control
  • Aids in noise pollution
  • Reduces heat loss and drafts
  • More hygienic

Our expert team can install automatic standalone door closers to doors that have already been installed. This means that there’s no need to replace what’s already there. We are available to offer automatic door closers UK wide.