Access Control Maintenance

We understand how important it is that your access control facilities continue to run smoothly, and the risk involved with any problems that may occur, either with letting in the authorised personnel, or denying entry to those who are not authorised!

That’s why we at Securing By Design work hard to help you with the maintenance of your access control solutions, working together with you to calculate the frequency with which the maintenance checks need to be carried out so they remain in compliance with legislation, health and safety, and so that your remain completely happy with our service.

With our access control maintenance service, you can retain complete peace of mind that your company, assets or home are completely secure – and our audit system means you get the level of care you require without having to pay for anything that isn’t necessary.

If you suspect your system to be broken why not try our access control repair service?

For all enquiries about access control maintenance, contact a member of our friendly team on 01483766569.