Storing Examination Material

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Storing Examination Material

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have revised their “conditions for storing examination and other confidential material” which will affect how educational centres store examination papers for the 2016/2017 academic year.

According to the publication all schools and examination centres must be able to demonstrate that the appropriate security systems are in place to prevent unauthorised access to the test/examination materials.

Question papers and any other confidential material (including downloaded materials) must be stored securely and available only to a limited number of persons authorised by the head of centre and the exams officer.

The JCQ mandates that all materials are stored in“a box within a box”.This means that one of the following must sit within a room, which is secured from non-authorised entry and locked when not attended by authorised persons.  It has been advised that key holders should be limited to 2 to 6 authorised people.

  • Strong non-portable safe
  • Non-portable security cabinet with multi-point locking system
  • Metal cabinet with full length external locking bar, bolted to the wall or floor

Where centres only deliver on-screen tests and instructions, the JCQ stipulate that materials are to be stored in hard copy format during the ‘window’ for the conduct of the test, these should be stored, in a non-portable safe or security cabinet within a secure locked room.

Please see the attached specification sheet from the JCQ detailing the requirements.

We’re here to help.If you have any questions about the “box within a box” requirements for your school, or about which of our cabinets or safes is best suited for your needs then please call us on 01483766569.