Choosing the Right Safe for You

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Choosing the Right Safe for You

Safes are a great way to ensure your most valuable possessions are properly protected against both theft and damage, but with a variety of types and sizes to choose from it can be hard to decide what you really need. As a general rule, safes tend to fall into one of three categories:

  • Small Free Standing Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Large Free Standing Safes

The first things to take into consideration when picking a safe are what the value of its contents will be, and the amount of space that will be required. This will determine the security of the safe needed. It’s important that it has the appropriate grade and cash rating – a measurement that gives a good indication of how secure a safe is – for its contents. For example a cash rating of £1000 means that £1000 in cash or £10000 worth of valuables can be stored  – the cash rating is multiplied by ten for the storage of non-cash valuables, and this rating also gives an idea of the resistance of the safe, the thickness and strength of the safe and the complexity of the lock.

The most popular home-use safe is the small free standing safe, often using an electronic keypad for entry, so there’s no risk of lost keys! These smaller safes are fixed to a surface (so pick where it’s placed wisely), and are useful for storing important documents, valuables and small amounts of cash. These can be fixed into wardrobes or under beds, though it’s important to make sure that this is carried out properly by a trained professional according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or your warranty can be voided (be sure to keep proof of this). Small free standing safes are also often found in hotel rooms to allow secure storage of personal items.  

For those looking for a more discreet safe, wall safes can be a great choice, as they can be positioned inconspicuously behind pictures, mirrors or curtains, and don’t take up floor space. They do however take a little more work in installation as the gap in the wall has to be properly prepared.  Again, these must be properly fitted by an expert to ensure that it matches up to insurance specifications. Once fitted though, these can provide great peace of mind.

For commercial properties that deal with a lot of cash or have valuable items a large free standing safe is often required, with a high cash rating. Depending on the level of security your business needs there are a number of locking mechanisms available, from a simple but effective lock and key, to electronic keypad systems, to biometric locks. For added security some safes are fitted with two locks that require two people to be present to open the safe. There are also compartmented safes which have secondary locks inside allowing access to certain areas while others remain locked, so for example important documents and large amounts of cash can be locked away while still allowing staff access to change.

Our safe specialists can provide a free survey to determine what the best safe for you is, and where the best place to install it is. They are also HM Government approved safe engineers so can safely deliver and fit any safe using the latest tools and equipment to ensure it matches up to its insurance specifications. If you need any advice in finding the right safe for your requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch